• Red Mountain landscaping by MicahGhost
  • Bitter Coast/Odai river landscaping by Freeradical
  • East Coast landscaping by SquallyDaBeanz
  • Ashlands landscaping by Meliorn
  • Molag Amur landscaping by Meliorn
  • Azura Coast landscaping by Meliorn
  • Ascadian Isles landscaping by Rovan
  • Sheogorad landscaping by Rovan
  • Mainland lod by Crestycomb


  • Sud by Trainwarrior
  • Pinsun by HugeJackedMan


  • Iron Peasant Set by Pixelrabbit
  • Webspinner Boots by Noxciss
  • Vampiric Ring and Denstagmers Ring by Lanatary
  • Common Wood Furniture by Kligan and Nexos


  • Various quest implementation work by Rovan
  • Tons of Magic Effects fixes, and fixed a potential crash with imperial gauntlets by Thermocrius
  • Weather and sound effects stuff by Crestycomb
  • Mossyfication in Bitter Coast by Crestycomb and Eloth