• Ashlands & West Gash landscaping by Meliorn
  • Bitter Coast landscaping by Freeradical
  • Sheogorad landscaping by SquallyDaBeanz


  • Ashir Dan, Bthuand & Kogoruhn by Meliorn
  • Ilunibi: Carcass of the Saint and many other interior edits/cleanups/optimization/navmesh by Freeradical
  • Lonely Shipwreck by Interneteldar
  • Yassu Mine by FifthAvenue
  • Punabi Cave by Shadow
  • Galom Daeus by Herr Eldrad


  • Steel weapons by Igorko and Noxciss
  • Misc stuff by Shadow


  • Improved skywind – patch.esp by Rovan
  • Lots of various coding fixes, new crafting progress system, more work on classes by Rovan
  • Region zones overhaul. Music implementation test v2. Sound effect zones and ID’s made dynamic by Crestycomb
  • Tons of stuff for landscapers, perks, and fixes by Thermocrius


  • Some soundfx by Freeradicals brother