• Ashlands north landscaping by Meliorn
  • Bitter Coast landscaping by Freeradical
  • Balmora Cluttering/Landscaping by Praefect
  • Ashlands south landscaping by Crestycomb
  • Red Mountain landscaping by Micah Ghost
  • Sheogorad landscaping by SquallyDaBeanz
  • Caldera ground details by Shadow


  • Yassu Mine by FifthAvenue
  • Ilunibi, Carcass of the Saint by FreeRadical (optimization, navmesh, pass 3ish, new Dreamers, outfits and AI packages by Rovan)
  • Assemanu and Zainsipilu by FreeRadical


  • New Quest Dialogue Implementation, other quest work, work on disposition system. Various bug fixes by Rovan


  • Updated Dwemer lock tones by Freeradical