• Ashlands North landscaping by Meliorn
  • Molag Amur & Dagoth Ur landscaping by Meliorn
  • Sheogorad landscaping by SquallyDaBeanz
  • Azura Coast landscaping by SquallyDaBeanz
  • Grazelands landscaping by SquallyDaBeanz
  • Bitter Coast landscaping by FreeRadical
  • Ebonheart/Ascadian Isles landscaping by FreeRadical
  • Ascadian Isles/Suran landscaping by Praefect
  • Caldera landscaping by Shadow


  • Ilunibi, Carcass of the Saint by FreeRadical & Rovan
  • Interior navmeshing by FreeRadical
  • Galom Daeus by Herr Eldrad


  • Some fixed hlaalu collisions, building05, building02, stairs_wide, wall02 by Greavesy
  • Tons of fixed/new env assets for Molag Amur/Sheogorad by Eloth
  • Amulets by Urkenstaff
  • Chests by Kumabeer


  • Made disposition system more like morrowinds, fixed npc greetings by Rovan
  • implemented urken’s amulets in the ck, optimized skill system by Rovan
  • fixed some collision materials, tons of other various coding/landscaping bug fixes by Rovan
  • Fixed stamina and magicka regen formula, and some crap in Aleft (Aleft still unfinished) by Thermocrius</div>