• Molag Amur landscaping by Meliorn
  • Azura Coast landscaping by SquallyDaBeanz
  • Sheogorad fixes by SquallyDaBeanz
  • Vivec – South Eastern Islands landscaping by Shadow
  • Suran and surrounding landscaping by Praefect


  • Punabi by Shadow
  • Galom Daeus by Herr Eldrad
  • 5 ships/wrecks and lots of other BC interior stuff, Ebonheart, Hassour area blend/spawners/effects by Freeradical
  • Shulk Egg Mine Navmeshing and Interior Landscape Tweaking for the Kwama by Neko-san
  • Various Shipwrecks by Shadow


  • New landscape and object lod, plus tons of fixed assets for RMMA/EastCoast by Eloth


  • More disposition stuff, new quest implementation, lots and lots of bug fixes by Rovan
  • New Update.esm, crossbows are fixed (no longer need Dawnguard.esm), some kill moves restored, little bit of perks, spells and animation entries set up properly by Thermocrious