• Molag Amur landscaping by Meliorn
  • East Red Mountain Exterior by Gothic Freak
  • Azura’s Coast landscaping by SquallyDaBeanz
  • Caldera Mine exterior by Nefdulin
  • Expanded Ilunibi island, Caldera touchups and market vendors, BC/AI border road by Freeradical


  • Dumac’s palace (Dagoth Ur) by Meliorn
  • Odrosal by Herr Eldrad
  • Ilunibi:Soul’s Rattle and other interior work by Freeradical
  • Gnisis Eggmine Navmeshing and Edits to the Shulk Eggmine Navmesh by Neko-San & Freeradical
  • Lonely Shipwreck by Interneteldar
  • Abanabi, Caldera Mine & Ilanipu Grotto by Nefdulin
  • West Gash interior finalization + navmesh by Rovan
  • Nchurdamz, Vassamsi Grotto, Rissun, Masseranit, and Ashirbadon by SquallyDaBeanz


  • Lesser Bonewalker by Nandi & Pixelrabbit
  • Imperial leather armour by Smartinius & Urkenstaff
  • Imperial chainmail armour by Smartinius & Urkenstaff
  • Glasscups by Hurtcules
  • Mentor’s Ring, Vampiric ring, Denstagmer’s Ring, Ring of Surroundings, Warlock Ring, Ring of Phynaster by Lanetary
  • Trollbone helmet by Smartinius & Ravanna
  • Amulet of Sheeja by Lanetary
  • Staff of Hasedoki by Ravanna
  • Redoran Market tent by Eloth
  • Hlaalu market tents by Luvianblue
  • Dwemer weapons by Lanetary
  • Dunmer Potion bottles by Hurtcules
  • BC leaves (particle effect) by Shadow


  • Idle Banter + other quest Stuff. Starting perks, and various other coding fixes by Rovan
  • Renamed lots of items to have more proper names, new WG cave tileset retexture by Rovan
  • Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw fix, Tarhiel quest fixes, and gitlab ignore list support by Taerkalith
  • some hafted perks implemented, auto-added perks setup, abilities, animation fixes, misc by Thermocrius
  • New hudmenu and lockpicking menu by Rovan