• West Gash landscaping by Rovan
  • Molag Amur landscaping by Meliorn
  • Azura Coast landscaping by SquallyDaBeanz


  • Gilvothal, Ilunibi, finalization for Arkngthand, Mallapi, BandEggMine by Freeradical
  • Lonely Shipwreck by Interneteldar
  • Odrosal and Vemynal by Herr Eldrad
  • Astral Burial, Kogoruhn & Caldera Mine Fixes by nefdulin


  • Limestone cave retexture test by SquallyDaBeanz
  • swapped the tileset for the Gnisis Eggmine by Rovan


  • Creature/container/LL list revision by Freeradical
  • Quest Work, further disposition work, WIP staff system by Rovan
  • Lots of new Interface Files (60 fps menus, new disposition display, support for weapon durability) by Rovan
  • New Disease system, experimental durability, some perks, block updated, new debug menu/commands added (see the MCM menu),
  • Weapon keywords updated, attributes updated by Thermocrius
  • Idle Banters by nefdulin
  • Levitate fix + Probe/Trap (+ work on skywindutils and nifs uploaded by Rovan, freeradical) by Oracus
  • Weather regions fixed. MA weather, zaf weathers by Crestycomb