Covering Skywind’s costs

Skywind is developed by volunteers, but we incur certain costs we can’t afford – most notably website hosting and service subscriptions. If you’d like to help us cover our costs, gifts to help us keep running are welcome.

This is never for profit. We will never charge for Skywind, and we will never accept money in exchange for exclusive access or for any other preferential treatment. The money you send us is will be used only to cover costs.

We’re not accepting contributions at the moment. Thank you for your generosity to anyone who has helped – or wanted to help – cover our costs!

More about Skywind’s costs

All money given to this account remains is used solely for expenses incurred – subscriptions and services that we need to host a website and keep the team running. Payments go to a private PayPal account dedicated exclusively to this purpose.

Those helping to cover our costs do so with the understanding that nothing is given in return. No early or exclusive access, public recognition, or other benefit is offered. This is strictly out of the goodness of your heart, in the knowledge that your money helps us stay above water.

If there is a remnant of money at a stage where it is no longer needed, the funds will be sent to charities or similar philanthopic/humanitarian organizations at the discretion of the leadership team. We’ll decide and publish the specifics when this becomes the case.

Note that if you can, WE WOULD MUCH RATHER HAVE YOU DONATE YOUR TIME – that is, learn to use the Skyrim Construction Kit and help with the project. There are tons of YouTube tutorials, text tutorials, and Skywind-specific tutorials. If you are a hard worker and self-directed learner (or interested in acquiring these valuable skills) and also interested in learning how to mod and develop video games, this is a great project to work on. Please see the volunteer page for details.