Donating to TES Renewal

Skywind is developed by volunteers, but we incur certain costs we can’t afford – most notably website hosting and service subscriptions. If you’d like to help us cover our costs, donations to help us keep running are welcome.

This is never for profit. We will never charge for Skywind, and we will never accept donations to provide exclusive access or for any other preferential treatment. The money you donate will be used only to cover costs.

Questions about donations

All donations go to Thermador’s LLC and are used solely for expenses incurred – subscriptions and services that we need to host a website and keep the team running. Here are some answers from Thermador directly about these costs.

Why donations?

Well, first off a lot of people have asked if they can donate. Also, it costs a lot of money to run this site, and I’ve been paying out of my own pocket for the last two years (see below). So I set up an LLC and so forth to handle donations.

Why an LLC and not a non-profit entity (non-profit corporation, etc.)?

I did consider this, but I went with an LLC because it provides better liability protection for me personally, as well as other users of the site.  Plus, it’s a whole lot simpler to set up.  Also, the LLC gives the “operating at a loss” situation a bit of a silver lining.  If I don’t raise enough money each year to cover the costs, with the LLC, I can write off the loss against my taxable income.

But I thought you were rich or something?

Not really that rich, actually – just generous.  And if I have the opportunity to cover some of the costs, then that’s great.  Plus, it’s a big bill to pay come November (see below).

Why donations and not ads?

A couple of reasons.  1) Donations are optional, ads are mandatory; 2) A lot of people block ads; and 3) A lot of ads spy on the site and its users.  No thanks.

Where does my money go?

Payments go to a PayPal account for the LLC.  Where your money ultimately goes is for paying our service providers (Dreamhost and for the web hosting and chat (respectively).  The server is quad-core, 4GB ram, 500GB HDD space, Raid 1, with unlimited bandwidth.  TESrenewal’s site averages about 10-20 GB of data transfer a DAY so unlimited bandwidth and a dedicated server is pretty much mandatory.  The chat is capped at 60 simultaneous users.

What do I get for my donation?

Nothing!  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  This is strictly out of the goodness of your heart – you can still download files, or use the site, or whatever, without donating.

How much do I have to donate?

At least one cent.  Otherwise, PayPal won’t let you donate.  However, with a one cent donation, your money goes straight to PayPal because of the fee.

I want to donate, but I want to become a moderator.  Will you do it?

No.  You can donate as much as you want, but it won’t get you anything extra.

Can I get a refund on that donation?

Yes, but this can be a big hassle for me.  Imagine taking your money and setting it on fire.  That is what you are doing.  If you don’t want to do that, don’t donate in the first place.

Don’t you share this server with other sites?

Yep, and they are also donating.  On average, and use up about 95% of the server’s bandwidth.  It’s a race!  Donate more than the other guys.  Or whatever.

What happens if you get more than you need?

If, by some miracle, people donate more than ~$2500/year, then the excess will stay in the bank account / PayPal account to be used for future server costs.  Or, if we just have a ton of money, the excess will be donated to a charity after a vote on what charity (or charities) it should go to.  Pie in the sky, but it’s good to have a plan I guess.

Will donating make Skywind happen any faster?

NO!  Donating only really helps pay for our web hosting. If you can, WE WOULD MUCH RATHER HAVE YOU TO DONATE YOUR TIME – that is, learn to use the Skyrim Construction Kit and help with the project.  There are tons of YouTube tutorials, text tutorials, and Skywind-specific tutorials.  If you are a hard worker and self-directed learner (or interested in acquiring these valuable skills) and also interested in learning how to mod and develop video games, this is a great project to work on.  Please see the volunteer page for details.