Want to join the Skywind team?

If you are interested in working on Skywind, you’ve come to the right place! We are always looking for dedicated members to help bring the world of Skywind to life.

Check out the various departments that comprise the Skywind team below, and click through to find out more about the job roles available.

For all positions other than voice acting, complete the form and then pop into our Discord and drop us a message on #recruitment_questions to tell us why you want to join and a little bit about yourself, your skills, or whatever you feel would be appropriate. We’ll already have your application for reference.

3D Art

The Skywind 3D art team focuses on the asset creation of the game’s scope and story. We bring the concept art to life, creating highly detailed models from concepts and then preparing them to be implemented in-game.

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The Animation Department’s primary focus is re-implementing Morrowind’s diverse cast of creatures. Occasionally they will take on other tasks as well, such as animations for NPCs and props.

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Concept Art

The Skywind Concept art team focuses on the look and mood of the game’s scope and story. We craft the ideas needed for the game ranging from large land areas down to the smallest detail of story assets. What we create in 2D then goes on to be modeled by our 3D art team.

Concept Artist Details

Coding and Implementation

The Coding and Implementation department is a catch-all department for work in both inside and outside the Creation Kit. Most of the work we do is not traditional coding tasks, but rather work with the various Creation Kit systems. This involves work to recreate Morrowind, such as implementing quests, overhauling the skill system, recreating Morrowind-style attributes, and implementing spells or effects from Morrowind that weren’t present in Skyrim. Additionally, coders work taking advantage of the various Creation Kit systems to bring new life to Vvardenfell. This includes things like game balancing, an all-new perk system, NPC AI scheduling, unique effects for artifacts, and dungeon interactivity. The department also includes some work outside of the Creation Kit, like UI design for custom menus and HUD elements and developing tools for handling custom behaviors and animations.

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The Landscaping department is recreating the gameworld of Vvardenfell, both the overworld and the dark, dangerous depths beneath Morrowind’s volcanic soil. We are looking to detail the world by taking advantage of Skyrim’s updated engine capabilities that allow for higher object count and detailed assets.  The primary objective is to revise the core design of locations, often changing the outdated layout and flow to encourage exploration.

Exterior Design Details
Interior Design Details
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Sound & FX

The sound team’s chief goal is to bring the world of Morrowind to life with modern sound design techniques, including the creation, editing, and implementation of sound cues – all with at least a basic understanding of the challenges feedback loops and interactive immersion presents.

Sound Effects Details

Voice Acting

In order to make the world be heard, Skywind has hundreds of NPCs who need to be voiced. The team focuses on the accomplishment of this goal with the help of studio professionals and talented amateurs alike. Auditions to be a voice actor are done through Skywind’s Casting Call Club audition page, not the ordinary submission form. Please use the submission form for the voice-acting implementation tasks only.

Voice Acting Details
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Quality Assurance

The Skywind Quality Assurance (QA) team tests all aspects of the game, from quests and NPCs to spells and game mechanics. As other departments finish pieces of work, we verify everything works as intended and functions well in-game. QA members hunt down bugs, test game systems such as combat and leveling, and offer feedback to developers, with the goal of producing the highest-quality game we can.

Quality Assurance Tester Details


The writing team has been addressing inconsistencies between the original Morrowind and Skywind, adding new flavor dialogue to NPCs to enrich the environment, and adding in a few new quests to enhance the roleplay experience.

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Music has always been a very important factor in the Elder Scrolls series, and is separated into two sections: exploration and combat. We strongly encourage that you give Morrowind’s original soundtrack a listen to understand our starting point with the music. We want to give Skywind very tribal and eastern undertones to represent the alien life on Vvardenfell as well as the ashlander roots of the Dunmer.

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Miscellaneous Jobs

Skywind’s team members don’t always fit the mold, and plenty of our core contributors float between teams. Sometimes we identify areas that don’t fit neatly into one of the above teams, but where the right person could be a huge asset.